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Our shop is well stocked with both high quality Shoreline Baits, and for 2019 we have introduced a more affordable shelf life boilie.

Both the freezer and shelf life boilie have been extensively field tested on the lake and produce superb results.

Our freezer bait is 18mm in size, our shelf life boilie is 20mm in size.

We are currently running with two flavours of each type which have proven effectiveness on the lake.

Please note: we do allow you to bring your own boilies but we charge 20 Euro per week for a freezer service.



Freezer Boilies

Skittles - €10 per kg

Red Bull - €10 per kg



Shelf Life Boilies

Scopex - €5 per kg

Monster Crab - €5 per kg




General feed pellet - €1.20 per kg

High quality multimix pellet - €20 per 5kg bag



Prepared Particle


Hemp - €4 per kg

Maize - €3 per kg