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We now only take bookings on a drive basis. (bringing your own equipment)


We are located in Central France. (28 miles north of Limoges if you want to get your bearings on google maps)


Driving time is approximately 6 hours from Calais, or 4 hours if you drive from Le Havre. Detailed route directions will be sent out to you in good time before your booking date.


For those using a European Sat-Nav, the postcode is 87250. (be aware though, that in France this just directs you to the general area)





Arrival/Departure procedure



Departure time off the lake is 9am Saturday morning. (this is off the lake in full and will be enforced)


The lake will be available to the arriving party no later than 11am on the Saturday morning.


Please note:

 If you arrive early and want to get some sleep in your cars and vans I have no issue with this, but do not park up at the small car park next to post 15 as this is one of the main causes of complaint due to disturbance.


There is a large car park behind and to the side of the lake shop (besides the school) which is well out of the way of the anglers, but please keep the noise down in the early hours of the morning, and do not go onto the lake itself until the departing party have left in full the following morning.



Please do not arrive early and start walking around the lake. This is only fair on the fishing party that are on the lake who have paid for seven days exclusive, and some of who want to get a good nights sleep themselves for their long drive home the following morning.




If you would like to arrive refreshed at the lake on Saturday morning we can highly recommend your stay at the following B&B's ideally located in and near to Bessines, which many of you know is just a few miles from the lake. Friday night arrive and get a good night sleep after your long journey, and then a lovely cooked breakfast. The supermarkets in Bessines are there for you to pick up any groceries and then you can arrive on the lake on the Saturday morning ready and refreshed.


Carol Rosewarne runs La Traverse, and Emma Mason runs Vu De Vallee Chambres.



We also have friends in Bessines. These are an english couple, Caroline and Andrew. They rent a lovely Gite and many of you have asked about places to stay if you bring a wife or girlfriend.


Here is the link:




Important - Please note:




Lake Heritage can not be held responsible for any travel disruptions.


We will try and help where reasonably possible, but mostly these issues are out of our control and we are unable to give refunds.


Also, we strongly recommend for those driving, that you acquire suitable breakdown cover as garage repair bills are expensive in France, as are towing charges which can only legally be carried out by a registered towing company.