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Landscape views of the lake.

In the heart of the French countryside, Lake Heritage is set in an idyllic location.

Anglers enjoy the quiet, and the relaxed atmosphere of the whole area.

It is the perfect way to spend a week of fishing.


A lot of work went into creating a fishery that still retains its natural unspoilt look, but is also perfect for

a relaxing week of fishing, and allows good presentation of all three rods at each swim.




Every swim on Lake Heritage regularly produces stunning results for the angler who is prepared to work hard

for the rewards that are achievable.

With the correct approach and bait application, the fish literally fight for the food.

Whether it be in open water, under overhanging trees and bushes, or in the margin, captures of dream proportions

are possible, and are much more than just a distant dream.


The Carp in Lake Heritage are from the finest stocks of fast growing, healthy fish, and they fight long and hard.