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Landscape views of the lake.

There will be a £100 clean up deposit. (pay on arrival)

This will be returned if the following is completed at the end of the session:

All rubbish to be sealed in heavy duty 100 litre bags. (these will be issued upon arrival)

All bottles to be put in the crates provided.

All rubbish bags and bottles to be left on post 15, or at the gates on the grass side of posts 1-5 on departure.

Each bivvy to be swept out and left in the condition you found at arrival. (brush and pan will be in each bivvy)

Posts and surrounding area to be left clean and tidy.


Respect for the lake and general area is expected at all times. Rowdy and drunked behaviour

will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from the fishery without refund.



  • Gas or petrol stoves to be used for cooking only
  • There is a strict ban on fires anywhere around the lake
  • Use the toilets provided. If not, you will be banned from the fishery
  • Nothing other than bait to be thrown into the water
  • Swimming is not allowed




Rules for Carp Fishing



  • Three rods maximum per angler
  • Large continental style unhooking mats/cradles must be used
  • Shock or snag leaders are not to be used
  • Micro-barb hooks only. Also, antiseptic mouth treatment must be used
  • Baitboats are allowed if used sensibly. Do not drive them directly under snags
  • Particle baits are allowed, with the exception being nuts
  • Sacking of fish is only allowed in large floatation type retainers, and for a maximum of four hours