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Landscape views of the lake.

About the Lake.


The lake is 17 acres, very picturesque, 8ft deep on average, although its deepest point is 14ft. It is weed

free, and has a hard clay base. It has 15 swims, at least 4 of them easily capable of a double swim.




Do you sell bait on site.


Yes we have top quality boilies  at very reasonable prices; the fish have been fed on these

baits and readily take them. Pellet can also be bought on site, along with prepared maize and hemp.

(see Bait)



 Will there be an English bailiff on site.


Yes we will always be on site should you need us, for bait, any provisions, or help of any kind.



What amenities are available.


Toilets and showers are available.

In the village of St Pardoux which is situated just by the lake, there is a bar, café, and a

bakery selling fresh bread and croissants, plus a public pay phone to use.



Is course fishing available on the Lake.


Lake Heritage is purposely designed as a Specimen Carp and Sturgeon Lake, but there is a

large head of general course fish if you fancy a change for a while.

The Lake is stocked with Roach, Perch, Tench and Grass Carp.



Are non anglers permitted.


Although Lake Heritage is a dedicated Specimen fishery, we do permit guests on the Lake.

There is, however, a small charge of £5.00 per day for guests.